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Learning Tools Interoperability® (LTI®): A Best Practice Guide

based on the original report written by

Stephen P Vickers
Simon Booth


ceLTIc:developers Project

August 2014


  1. Introduction
    1. Terminology
    2. LTI Releases
  2. Issues for Developers
    1. Anatomy of a launch request
    2. Launch parameters
    3. Security
    4. Receiving a launch request
    5. Identity values
    6. Roles
    7. CSS
    8. Override interface
    9. Branding
    10. Course archive/restore/copy
    11. Class libraries
    12. Browser issues
  3. Issues for System Administrators
    1. Tool requirements
    2. Configuring tools (XML)
    3. Verifying connections
    4. Course archive/restore/copy
    5. Mapping VLE/LTI roles
  4. Issues for Teachers and Students
    1. Number of links per course
    2. Pre-populating enrolments and groups
    3. Managing outcomes
    4. Re-using content
    5. Sharing content
    6. Mapping VLE/LTI roles
    7. "Dummy" users
  5. Issues for Service Providers
    1. Service level agreements
    2. Upgrades
    3. Backups

Case studies

  1. WebPA launch requests
  2. User scope in WordPress
  3. Custom parameters supported by WebPA
  4. Testing mode

You are welcome, even encouraged, to contribute your own experiences and best practices to this document. Just sign up for an account and use the discussion option on each page, or edit the page directly with your content.

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